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Family study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Family study - Essay Example I hated the light as I felt them to be too bright for eyes and causing irritation. I did not like people and voices as I felt them to be too loud. I had a really bad mood accompanied by a lower patience level. Even the jokes came to me as taunts. I could not focus on any of my work whole day. I would feel great displeasure in the start but as I have seen people, it would become a routine for me. The affection and natural feelings for one’s own child might mitigate the negativities associated with sleepless nights. However, I feel the experience would affect my personal and close relationships like with my spouse for not taking the responsibility of the child or helping me out to fight with the stress I would be going through. It sure will call for sharing the duties and responsibilities. Nighttime chores have a lot to do with a person’s following day’s activities, moods and interactions as learnt from the activity. I believe that rationality and mutual understanding would call for the willingness to share this duty. I believe I would be able to convince my spouse on sharing

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Business Plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 3

Business Plan - Assignment Example K2 Fitness aims at supporting a healthy lifestyle for the people of United States and also to make available them with a comfortable, clean and judgment free place where they can pursue an active lifestyle. Offering low membership costs and extending opening hours have been issues of concern that will help the company register more members.  Their mission is to become the  leading health fitness provider within United States and beyond. Geared towards improving the health of the health conscious people in the United States, K2 provides a variety of equipment to its members for both cardio and strength training. The company has provided televisions on the cardio machines  with ports  to allow the health conscious to plug in headphones and tune to the television or radio station that they want to listen. The company also provides services such as massage, health and fitness training and providing cools drinks to its customers. Its slogan of judgment free zone coupled with its low monthly membership costs has enabled the company to get many customers joining to be members in the company. On demographic bases, the company targets people aged between 40-60 years because these people tend to grow old and may not be at a position to involve themselves in activities that help improve their health. Moreover, it targets the female gender more than the male gender. The company views this gender to be inactive when it comes to issues with maintenance of a fit and healthy body. They have the view that this gender leads a comfortable lifestyle in which they do not get their bodies involved in co-curricular activities. According to Dibb, & Simkin, (2008), considering that the willing customers located in a large populated area guarantees the company high profit. Psychographic system of targeting the customers puts K2 Fitness Company at a better position  by targeting customers using this system.  They give them the intuition that if they have any health complications that

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Research Methods in the Media Industry Essay Example for Free

Research Methods in the Media Industry Essay There’s a whole variety of reasons why research is undertaken in the media industry and there’s also a number of different ways to carry out research to acquire the different forms of information required. This report will be discussing the following in detail audience research, qualitative methods, quantitative methods, primary research and secondary research lastly consumer awareness Why we research in the media industry? As I said before research is undertaken for a variety of reasons. It might be so the director knows what they possibility may need to adjust in their production based on what it’s about, and this is known as content analysis where the producer and the director will research the subject matter to gather information to include into the final production. In addition research might also be undertaken be aware of legal restrictions for instance copyright infringement simply when you want to use the same ideas or the same content you will require written consent from the person who originally invented or owns the idea, in most cases copyright infringement doesnt protect the underlying ideas, it also doesn’t protect facts. For instance, copyright doesnt stop or limit you from expressing in your own words thoughts and facts that originate in any sources you read or view however you must give appropriate credit to the sources in which they originated from. For instance, there have been several, Alien based films, however only one E.T. Audience research Media products all have a target audience which could be defined by several factors, including age, gender as well as demographics. Whether it’s a chat show, daily newspaper, film or any other media form, each has a clear target audience. You must beware that audiences are not the same besides the audience research tells the producer what most applies to the audience how they can take advantage of what applies to the audience. They may watch previously released films/programmes and find out if they were successful at appealing to that audience. On the other hand they can observe a group viewing of a series premiere to see the group’s reaction and see if they’ve met their expectations and getting a calculation from the observation to see if they need to make some alterations to the production. Additionally Producers may also use BARB to find out further details about their selected audience what exactly is appealing to them after that discus features that will be in the production. Qualitative research methods Qualitative methods are better for finding more descriptive data and opinions because you interact with the research which lets you to explain any misunderstood questions and to go into further detail meaning you get a more factual answer. Methods that are categories under qualitative research range from case studies, interviews, diary analysis and focus groups. For instance the producers of a film will pick out a group which has the profile of their target audience, and will show them the film. This can be done both pre and post release if the film is not performing as well as predicted. The producer could then use the focus group’s response to alter or completely rethink, or even go ahead and take nothing on board and confirm the look and content of the film. Quantitative research methods Quantitative research mainly is numerical data. It could be used by producers of a film or by the company which is marketing it. UK based TV company’s use the( Broadcasters Audience Research Board) BARB for short to analyse viewing ratings, plus radio station use ( Radio Joint Audience Research Limited) short for RAJAR will view the listening numbers. Qualitative and quantitative methods are constantly used together in order to research the habits and preference of the target audience. In order to identify the profile of the audience, producers may look at current demographic models has on age or gender, or they may try to create a new audience for their film. Creating a new audience is much harder to accomplish additionally a producer may have to come up with a film which is appealing to those that feel there’s a gap in the industry, or gather a group of individuals together who all desire a possible reinvasion in the market. Finally when a target audience has been recognized, the film producer will then target the audience by using a series of carefully organised ad campaigns. The films could be promoted in newspapers that the target audience reads, also online sites which are frequently visited by the target audience, or show an ad when you’re guaranteed the most viewers such as champion’s league games or X factor episodes. Primary research methods Primary research is any research that’s done by an individual first hand. There’s a wide range of techniques for primary research from focus groups, interviews, observations and questionnaires, all come under as primary since questions are being asked directly this is research that is done first hand. Primary research is more suitable for finding out detailed information since you wouldn’t have to rely on anyone else’s results to be correct since the individual would have gathered the necessary information themselves so they know everything was done exactly how they wanted so the information is reliable. Primary research can come in the categories of both qualitative and quantitative research since there’s a variety of ways to conduct this research. Detailed look at a few the primary research techniques Questionnaires are regularly used by researchers when they need to gather essential information from a number of people targeting certain groups by age, ethnicity, and gender even social class. There practically surveys that can be sent on the internet in the post or hand out person to person. It’s easy to analyse questionnaires since its just basically gathering numbers, in addition it’s a much cheaper but sometimes a more time consuming process to gather information. Then again on the down side questionnaires aren’t able to get hold of, detailed information since they typically have closed questions yes or no type or the listed options provided in questionnaire. Another potential problem with questionnaire is that the individual taking part in the questionnaire may get the wrong end of the stick about a particular question or just not understand completely. For that reason the individual organising the questionnaire may possibly not get the right results from the questionnaire. Possible way to evade this you could do a pilot study to examine the questionnaire and make any necessary alterations after. Interview: interviews can be divided into three areas structured, semi structured, unstructured interviews. Structured: Structured interviews stick to a specific guideline with set questions sticking to the ones written. Semi structured: Semi structured interviews have some questions however questions can be added on the spot to go into more detail with the questions. Unstructured: lastly unstructured interviews have no questions set. The interviewer will bring up a topic with some questions in their head, similar to a casual conversation than anything. Interviews are mainly qualitative forms of research this method of research can very fruitful to the researcher since you are capable of going into more detail and thus gather further information for your research. On the other hand, the questions asked in an interview may be bias if the interviewer has their personal biased viewpoint placing their opinion in the questions. This may be done by the interviewer if they ask leading questions for instance. Tell us the reason why you like this film, instead of do you like the film. Secondary research methods Secondary research is gathered information that was done by someone else and made accessible to the public. For instance through archives, the internet, and other media outlets such as the news all of these come under secondary data since the information that you receive from these sources is information that the individual never gathered themselves. Potentially secondary research maybe unreliable option of researching since the individual can’t be sure that everything written is accurate since they never carried out the research themselves and they can’t test it and get the same results. On the plus side secondary research is significantly cheaper and faster process to use since the information has been completed for you already by someone else. Detailed look at a few the secondary research techniques The most common practice of secondary research done nowhere days is on the internet to think not too long ago we spent while copy the information on a copy machine. With the vast amount of online resources, traditional means of research done by books seem out dated. It’s now common for a student to complete an essay without opening a single book. However there are always pros and cons with any new technology. Some people like to say there’s a skill involved in finding a book in the library and searching. An Individual can ignore the entire topic that was read thoroughly for pertinent information. This may lead to more people getting the wrong end of the stick and not understanding the subject matter. But it’s a free vast amount of information; free for use for anybody much easier and less process, as well as getting qualitative information and opinions including polls, surveys, are simpler with the internet, assuming you’re aware of where you’re getting your information from. That could lead to a con since it’s not wise to use information from an unaccredited source, not from opinion based sites a lot of these sites around that look creditable but are far from it Consumer awareness Consumer awareness is the understanding that a consumer is knows his or her legal rights and duties. It’s essential for a consumer to stick to these rights. It’s implemented for the protection of the consumer, so the consumer is not exploited. But the producers may look into consumer awareness to discover if their ad campaign successful or if it’s unsuccessful. NRS The National Readership Survey NRS for short is provides the most dependable and respected audience research in operation for the advertising sector in the UK. The NRS reports on over 250 of the UK’s mainstream newspapers and magazines, you get a sense of the size and nature of the audiences they attract. In this always evolving digital age the NRS still create partnerships with the leading digital data sources providing a clearer vision of the combined total audience future. This is a great source for gathering information since data posted on this site are available without subscription. Already prepared for producers and so on only thing to do now is compare. Company Structure NRS Ltd is regulated and for the most part funded by three shareholders (IPA) The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (NPA) The Newspaper Publishers Association (PPA) The Periodical Publishers Association Why are the surveys so important? The way surveys are carried out affects the estimations it produces. Particularly for media measurement surveys NRS randomly selects individual aged 15+ in the UK. Only the chosen individuals may be interviewed to ensure that the surveys are clear and representative. The demographic characteristics won’t have the same reading habits according to their lifestyle and availability. It’s better for NRS to use random testing to reduce the favouritism towards people who are available for interview than others. The Interviews Structure A nonstop survey, all 12 months of the year, 7 days a week Total number: around 36,000 interviews a year with adults aged 15+ per year A random sample: interviews only conducted at randomly selected addresses with randomly selected individuals The average time for an hour takes half an hour

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Politics and Puerto Rican Identity :: Latin America American

Introduction The issue I have chosen to elaborate on is the influence of politics on identity. Politics plays a role in everyone’s life to some degree. In my own personal experience, I have never been an adamant follower of American politics. It has never been a strong topic of conversation within my family or neighborhood. I voted for the first time my freshmen year in college. My upbringing in a working class neighborhood has bestowed upon me a very simple view on politics : vote for the democrats because it is in the best interest of the poor people; all republicans care about is money and they can never understand nor do they care about the plight of being poor. This is the reality of my experience with politics. I am judging it as neither right nor wrong. As I continue to become more educated my knowledge on politics increases and takes on more depth, but I have never considered politics a major part of my identity. When I think about myself and my experiences, the word democ rat does not come to mind. I have encountered people from many different walks of life, yet I have never witnessed firsthand or participated in a political conversation where the individuals involved have passionately taken a strong stance on behalf of an American political party. I’m sure people like this exist, I just have never encountered them. I believe this is why the following quote from Rosario Ferrà ¨Ã¢â‚¬â„¢s House on the Lagoon caught my attention and interest: "Politics is like religion; you are either for Statehood or for Independence, you can’t go for both. Someone has to be saved, someone must burn in hell , and if you’re for Commonwealth you’re floating in Limbo."(Ferrà ¨ pg 183) Politics can be defined as : "The science of government; that part of ethics which has to do with the regulation and government of a nation or state, the preservation of its safety, peace, and prosperity, the defense of its existence and rights against foreign control or conquest, the augmentation of its strength and resources, and the protection of its citizens in their rights, with the preservation and improvement of their morals". ( To, me this definition is very touching, yet is little more than words on a paper.

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â€Å"My Birth & Childhood† – add Interesting facts about your childhood (family, location. School, hobbies) in bullet form Born on 25 August 1530-28 March 1584 in Exoskeletons, Russia Ivan was the son of Visalia Ill Elena Gallingly was his mother she acted as a regent, but she died of what many bell eve to be assassination by poison His Grandpa was Ivan the Great and he was Ivan the Terrible He became Grand Prince of Moscow at the age of 3 when his father died, but due to political intrigues going on at the time, he spent most of his childhood imprisoned in dungeon while his mother managed affairs of state.Years later when his mother died of what many believe was a poisoning, he had reached the level of education necessary to become leader of the country. Ivan was a lonely kid who was for the most part neglected by his family, who were buy sys poisoning and stabbing each other. He spent his time reading voraciously and torture Eng little animals. Hobbles Included drink ing beer, playing the trombone, raping and kill Eng people. And throwing pets out of the upper windows of the Kremlin. 2. â€Å"My Adult Life† – add interesting facts about growing up as a young adult.Marriage, implies, work, travel – In bullet form Smart and a keen reader, early on Ivan started dreaming of unlimited power. In 1547, aged 16, he was finally crowned Czar of all Russia, the first ruler to officially assume t he title. The young ruler started out as a reformer, modernizing and centralizing the coo entry. He had his first rival executed at age 13. This execution effectively ended the political struggles within the Russian state that had persisted throughout his childhood. His father died at the age of 3 and his mother died at the age of 8 Ivan had a poor health, he was largely ignoredEveryone would do terrible things to him but he would become smarter and he wool d get revenge He had 7 wives and his first one was the happiest and when she died he wen t into full ‘OFF 3. â€Å"What I Am Most Remembered For & My Death† – add interesting fact about your accomplishments, or your failures – in bullet form Ivan also pressed to turn his country into a military heavyweight. Back then, the Attar armies repeatedly devastated Russian's northeast. In 1552 Ivan crushed the Attar stronghold of Kane and then another one – Astrakhan.Ivan oversaw rapid expansion of Russia, largely by conquest, which opened Russia up o trade with Europe and new ideas, and his self- appointment as Tsar of Russia was a large factor in unifying Russia under one leader. He introduced new laws, many of which consolidated the power of his central government over the boyar of Russian's past. La was to restrict the movement of peasants helped to solidify his rule, and also laid the ground dork for serfdom, which would cause his ancestors so many headaches.Ivan IV Vehicles, known in English as Ivan the Terrible, was Grand Prince of Moscow from 1533. The epithet â€Å"Groggy† is associated with mighty, power and strict sees, rather than horror or cruelty. Ivan oversaw numerous changes in the transition from medieval nation state to an empire and emerging regional power, and became the fir SST Tsar of a new and more powerful nation. Ivan died from a stroke while playing chess with Bogged Belles In foreign policy, Ivan IV had two main goals: to resist the Mongol Golden Horde and t gain access to the Baltic Sea.Ultimately, he aimed to conquer all remaining independent .NET regions and create a larger, more centralized Russia. 4. â€Å"What_(your real name) Found the Most Fascinating About Me† – write what you, the student found the most fascinating about your character†¦ s if you were e the interviewer. One of Moscow most famous landmarks is a reminder of this drive to expand Russia ‘s borders. SST. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square was built by Van's order to commemorate Khan's invasion an d other key victories in the Attar campaign.A popular legend has it that the work was done by two architects – Position and Barman. When Ivan saw the finished cathedral he liked it so much that he had the architects blinded to prevent t hem from building anything like it elsewhere. Had 7 wife Historic sources present disparate accounts of Van's complex personality: he was scribed as intelligent and devout, yet given to rages and prone to episodic outbreak goofs mental illness He would kill people knock old people over, find women and do many terrible things t them, also he would rob and steal many things, lastly he would devour history books.

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Reverse Mergers Taking Your Private Company Public Finance Essay - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 7 Words: 1988 Downloads: 9 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Finance Essay Type Analytical essay Did you like this example? One of the many ways for a small or medium size privately held company to go public and raise additional capital or even acquisitions is through a Reverse Merger. A Reverse Merger is a simple and fast method by which a private company can become a public company. To do this transaction, a private company merges with a public listed company that has no business and with no assets or liabilities (meaning its not functional). Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Reverse Mergers Taking Your Private Company Public Finance Essay" essay for you Create order By merging in such a company the private company becomes public. This publicly traded corporation is called a Shell corporation. This is so because all that will remain of the original company is its structure. The Reverse Merger was established as an alternative to the famous Initial Public Offering (IPO), for companies who want the benefit of becoming public without the complications and expense that the IPO process has. A Reverse Merger is also known as takeovers or RTOs (Reverse Take Over). It is often suggested that the Reverse Mergers is the best option in providing greater access into capital markets, offering the opportunity to utilize its stocks to make acquisitions and even improve the way the company is seen in the eyes of the investment community. There are two types of shell companies used in reverse mergers. Firstly, a public company that has failed which exists just to be sold in order to recoup some of the costs that causes the business to fail. And secondly, th ere are companies that are created directly for the purpose of being sold as a shell in a reverse merger process. These are of less risk because of the unknown liabilities. When the Private Company merges into a public company it gains the majority of stocks, which is usually 90%. This company must first get approval from the majority of its stockholders for a merger with a public corporation. Then the company will proceed to change the name of the public corporation which is usually a dominant one, sometimes to its own name and restructure its management board of directors. This new public corporation will now need a base of shareholders that is enough to meet the 300 shareholder requirement to be admitted on the NASDAQ Small Cap Market. The SEC also recently stated that if you will want to go public with a shell, you will need financials that are audited and the equivalent of registration statement within 4 days of the merger. Thus there may be no need for public shells, and it will now take longer if you use it. A process of adopting the New Securities Act Rule Reform and trading on the Pink Sheets is suggested for using to go public. It is said to be less expensive. However, I think that this just means that there are other new alternatives of going public in the making. Even though SEC does not account for the statistics of the number of companies that goes public using the reverse merger, the amount is believed to be hundreds per year. (Stated by: RCW Mirus Technology). There are many benefits of going public via reverse mergers in comparison to IPO. The initial costs are much lower and the extra banking fees for investment is escaped. In addition the time it takes to become public is extremely shorter. After the company is publicly traded, there is a possibility for the company to demand a higher price for offering the companys securities at a later time. There is less stock dilution when you go public via a reverse merger. The process of going public and raising capital at the same time is combined in an IPO whereas these two is disentangled with a reverse merger. A company can go public without raising additional capital! Doing this simplifies going public to a large extent. In addition, where an IPO will require a long and good steady history, a reverse merger earnings history does not hamper the completion of the merger. The ownership control needed is less and greater valuation for the company is achieved. Also the company does not require an underwriter. When a company has gone public through a reverse merger the financial markets starts to make future provisions for that newly public corporation. The market value will be significantly more than a private company that has the same structure, in the same industry. The capital will off course be easier to earn because, the stocks now has market value and can be traded. The public trading price of the public companys securities is used to determine the offer price o f any following public or private securities offering. Since stocks are now publicly traded acquisitions can be made. These stocks are seen as currency for acquisitions and mergers. The new company can also receive proceeds from the active use of warrants, if the warrants are included in the stock dividend distribution. Basically, reverse mergers are more appropriate for companies that dont need capital soon, and is willing to wait until it reaches its potential growth and level, when it will be successful as a public unit. They will need a minimum of $20 million or $ 2 million of sales and earnings respectively to reach its peak. Reverse mergers can be best used to finance from the development of products to providing capital needed to enhance working needs. Again, comparing reverse mergers to IPOs, fees and expensed in this regard is not so high, and deals are completed for $50,000 to $100,000, which is probably about 25 percent of the costs that companies who do IPOs have to t ake out of their own pockets to add to their exceedingly costly transactions. However the company thats acquiring the private company may give up 10% to 20% of its equity. This part is remarkably expensive for the private company. Why? This is because the company is really giving up ownership just for the sake of becoming public. Essentially the first steps to take when doing a Reverse Merger are: Find a shell company- can be done by contacting an attorney from a law firm that deals with securities. Another alternative is an accountant. Those controlling the shell companies usually try to keep the financial statements in order, making the account aware of shell company. Also there are financial consultants that can be contacted because they have shells that they will give if requested. However, there is a cost attached. The consultants may want to become minority shareholders in the new company, holding 2 to 5%. Devise a Financial Strategy A reverse merger is an indirect w ay of raising capital, therefore, entrepreneurs must think of how more capital must be raise after the merger is completed. The exercise of issuing warrants, where the common shares are not registered, would need a brokerage firms help. The merger also must be done where $1 million does not have to be paid as registration requirement. Have a good Image companies embarking the reverse merger transaction should follow these steps to promote their new company; Hire a national accounting firm. They make investors, traders, and regulators feel secure. Thats why they charge so much. Hire a prestigious law firm; if the attorney that originally helped in the reverse merger transaction is a professional in these kinds of deals, he/she should be kept or the law firm for which he/she belongs. This is because when the investors and brokers are deciding if to join your offering or not, they will look at such things, to know if to trust your company or not. Use clean shells; as was mention ed before some shells are created to use in merging private to public company they have no successor entity, leaving more blockage for business failure. Caution Dont be greedy there is no incentive for other investors to get involved, if only internal parties benefits. Therefore, at least 2 percent of the company should be owned by the public leaving 98 percent to be controlled by owners of the private company that has just gone public. It is possible to structure the merger that way. Here are the Pros and Cons of going public using Reverse Mergers. The Advantages of doing so would be that less time is taken to complete the deal (3 6 months minimum). It saves money. Total costs will be $100,000 to $300, 000, and no underwriter fees or commissions. The legal work is less compared to an IPO and there are no disturbances. Private fund raising can be completed before the registration. Public fund raising can be initiated after the original registration is finished this can make you receive money at a higher value. Acquisitions can be made for public stock after company starts trading. Debt can be converted to equity using stock. Any type of company can complete a merger does not have to be a male/female dominated industry. Offers the liquidity of investors buying and selling stock original investors have a way out of the investment. There are incentives that management use to attract and motivate employees, such as bonuses via stock/options. The existing private company and its shareholders would have control and own the major ity of the public company. Growth is achieved by acquisitions using stocks instead of cash or using it together with cash. There is estimate planning that helps established stock values and monitor it easily. In relation to foreign companies reverse mergers are a simple way to get control of US publicly traded company, without getting US tax. The Disadvantages surround confidentially, public reporting, dilution, time involvement, liability and expense. For instance, to become publicly held total financial disclosure is required. Reporting expense is more due to need for disclosure. A percentage of equity is let go by the owners. Managers must now dedicate more time to public company operations. More visibility for the company carries with it greater level of liability exposure. The cost for legal and investor relations and regulatory audit becomes high. Other needs that are required will be a comprehensive business plan to show would-be investors. A strong management team w hich public investors demand, a market plan that proves good sales growth and the product or service should show some potential for growth. In addition a financial statement that is qualified by SEC for the past fiscal year and a legal advocate that can handle regulatory compliance. Caribbean countries can enter the public market in a variety of ways, which include trading stocks, bonds and other securities. These being, the Caribbean Stock Exchange, Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange (ECSE), The Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange Limited (TTSE), Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX), Securities Exchange of Barbados (SEB), Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX), and Jamaica Stock Exchange (JCSD). The Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange is a regional securities market established by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and licensed under the Securities Act of 2001, which is a standardized regional body of legislation governing securities market activities. Its the first reg ional securities market in the western hemisphere. The ECSE is design to facilitate the buying and selling of financial products, including corporate stocks and bonds and government securities, for Caribbean countries such as, Grenada, St.Kitts and Nevis, Montserrat, St. Lucia, Anguilla, Dominica, St.Vincent and the Grenadines and Antigua and Barbuda ( There is also the regional Stock Exchange. Involved countries are Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago. In the regional stock exchange, any transaction of the exchange that is done locally is settled in their currency and those internationally in US$. Trinidad and Jamaica are the only ones with tickers locally. No system is placed for out of the region trading. However, stocks can be bought from Jamaica licenses to take part in the exchange. Local regional companies are the only ones listed, but other companies who qualify can join. Private companies transfer to publics ones by offering a percentage of their securities to the general public, and at the same time enlisting on a securities stock exchange such as ECSE or NASDAQ.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Learn Mandarin Placement Terms for Describing Locations

The Mandarin language uses two â€Å"suffixes† for placement terms: mià  n and biÄ n. Both of these words mean â€Å"side,† but biÄ n emphasizes divisions (such as borders) between things. BiÄ n is used for things on the side (such as the right side or left side) and mià  n is used for locating things within a sphere (such as above or in front of). Once you are familiar with Mandarin language placement terms, the use of mià  n and biÄ n will come automatically, since each word is used exclusively within certain phrases. For example, the Mandarin language has only one phrase for â€Å"opposite† (duà ¬mià  n), so once you have learned this vocabulary you will not likely try to say it as duà ¬biÄ n. Here and There here - zhà ¨lÇ  - 這è £ ¡there - nà  li - é‚ £Ã¨ £ ¡over here - zhà ¨biÄ n - 這邊over there - nà  biÄ n - é‚ £Ã©â€šÅ  Right and Left right - yà ²u - Ã¥  ³left - zuÇ’ - Ã¥ · ¦right side - yà ²ubiÄ n - Ã¥  ³Ã©â€šÅ left side - zuÇ’biÄ n - Ã¥ · ¦Ã©â€šÅ beside - pà ¡ngbiÄ n - æâ€" Ã©â€šÅ  Around opposite - duà ¬mià  n - Ã¥ ° Ã©  ¢in front - qià ¡nmià  n - å‰ Ã©  ¢behind - hà ²umià  n - Ã¥ ¾Å'é  ¢on top - shà  ngmià  n - ä ¸Å Ã©  ¢under - xià  mià  n - ä ¸â€¹Ã©  ¢inside - lÇ mià  n - è £ ¡Ã©  ¢outside - wà  imià  n - Ã¥ ¤â€"é  ¢ Placement Terms English Pinyin Characters The tea is here. Chà ¡ zà  i zhà ¨lÇ . èÅ' ¶Ã¥Å" ¨Ã©â‚¬â„¢Ã¨ £ ¡Ã¯ ½ ¡ The book is there. ShÃ… « zà  i nà  lÇ . æ› ¸Ã¥Å" ¨Ã©â€š £Ã¨ £ ¡Ã¯ ½ ¡ The notebook is over here. BÇ jà ¬bÄ›n zà  i zhà ¨biÄ n. ç ­â€ Ã¨ ¨ËœÃ¦Å" ¬Ã¥Å" ¨Ã©â‚¬â„¢Ã©â€šÅ Ã¯ ½ ¡ The cup is over there. BÄ“izi zà  i nà  bian. æ  ¯Ã¥ ­ Ã¥Å" ¨Ã©â€š £Ã©â€šÅ Ã¯ ½ ¡ This is my right hand. Zhà ¨ shà ¬ wÇ’ de yà ²u shÇ’u. 這æ˜ ¯Ã¦Ë†â€˜Ã§Å¡â€žÃ¥  ³Ã¦â€°â€¹Ã¯ ½ ¡ This is my left hand. Zhà ¨ shà ¬ wÇ’de zuÇ’ shÇ’u. 這æ˜ ¯Ã¦Ë†â€˜Ã§Å¡â€žÃ¥ · ¦Ã¦â€°â€¹Ã¯ ½ ¡ The bag is on the right side. Dà  izi zà  i yà ²ubiÄ n. è ¢â€¹Ã¥ ­ Ã¥Å" ¨Ã¥  ³Ã©â€šÅ Ã¯ ½ ¡ The book is on the left side. ShÃ… « zà  i zuÇ’biÄ n. æ› ¸Ã¥Å" ¨Ã¥ · ¦Ã©â€šÅ Ã¯ ½ ¡ The bank is beside the post office. Yà ­nhà ¡ng zà  i yà ³ujà º pà ¡ngbiÄ n. 銀è ¡Å'Ã¥Å" ¨Ã©Æ' µÃ¥ ±â‚¬Ã¦â€" Ã©â€šÅ Ã¯ ½ ¡ My house is opposite the school. WÇ’ jiÄ  zà  i xuà ©xià  o duà ¬mià  n. 我å ® ¶Ã¥Å" ¨Ã¥ ­ ¸Ã¦   ¡Ã¥ ° Ã©  ¢Ã¯ ½ ¡ He is sitting in front of me. TÄ  zuà ² zà  i wÇ’ qià ¡nmian. ä »â€"Ã¥  Ã¥Å" ¨Ã¦Ë†â€˜Ã¥â€° Ã©  ¢Ã¯ ½ ¡ The bus is behind (us). ChÄ“ zÇ  zà  i hà ²u mià  n. è »Å Ã¥ ­ Ã¥Å" ¨Ã¥ ¾Å'é  ¢Ã¯ ½ ¡ The book is on top of the table. ShÃ… « zà  i zhuÃ… zi shà  ngmian. æ› ¸Ã¥Å" ¨Ã¦ ¡Å'Ã¥ ­ Ã¤ ¸Å Ã©  ¢Ã¯ ½ ¡ The cat is under the chair. Mà  o zà  i yÇ zi xià  mian. è ²â€œÃ¥Å" ¨Ã¦ ¤â€¦Ã¥ ­ Ã¤ ¸â€¹Ã©  ¢Ã¯ ½ ¡ The children are inside the school. Hà ¡izi zà  i xuà ©xià  o lÇ mià  n. Ã¥ ­ ©Ã¥ ­ Ã¥Å" ¨Ã¥ ­ ¸Ã¦   ¡Ã¨ £ ¡Ã©  ¢Ã¯ ½ ¡ The dog is outside the house. GÇ’u zà  i fà ¡ngzi wà  imian. ç‹â€"Ã¥Å" ¨Ã¦Ë† ¿Ã¥ ­ Ã¥ ¤â€"é  ¢Ã¯ ½ ¡